Thursday, May 11, 2006

Harris MIller is NOT a True Democrat - Reason #1

Reason #1: As a lobbyist for rabidly anti-union corporate entities, Harris Miller has a long history of being staunchly anti-union. On June 4, 2001, Miller wrote a blistering attack on unions published in Network World in which he attacked "union bosses," "collective bargaining," and "seniority systems." Miller even claimed that "union membership would minimize job flexibility, reduce the ability to negotiate wages and stifle...creativity." The story caused one labor official to characterize Miller as, "truly one of the bad guys" and to conclude that Miller's "anti-labor, anti-worker activities...find him unfit for any kind of labor support."

In October 2003, Cox News Service reported that Miller supported outsourcing of jobs for "a fraction of the cost" while contending that American workers should be willing to accept less pay in order to keep their jobs from going overseas. (Network World, June 4, 2001; letter from Washington labor leader to Virginia AFL-CIO, February 6, 2006; Cox News Service, October 20, 2003)


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